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CB Expo 2022 – The Medical Cannabis Reform in Switzerland: Challenges and Opportunities


On 1 August this year, a new regulatory framework for medical cannabis came into force. The general ban of medical cannabis was lifted and treatment with medical cannabis no longer requires an exceptional authorization from the Federal Office of Public Health. The cultivation, processing, production, and trade of medical cannabis is now subjected to Swissmedic’s licensing and control system. And lastly, the commercial export of cannabis for medical purposes is now permitted (with a license from Swissmedic). While the reform holds a great promise of wider patient access, major challenges remain that need to be tackled for the reform to be successful. This panel will explore the most pertinent hurdles for a successful implementation of the new medical cannabis regime, and how to overcome them.

Daniel Haymann, MLL
Jörg Mäder, Nationalrat, Grünliberale Partei
Andreas Fäh, Pure Pharma
Franziska Quadri. MedCan
Rudolf Brenneisen, SGCM
Peter Steger, IG MedCann
Rene Zix, WEECO Pharma GmbH


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