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Why is Homeostasis important? | CBD Explained | Vijaya Sanskriti | Part 3


What exactly is homeostasis, and how does it allow a living entity to exist and thrive?

Senses all across the body are measuring numerous things and relay the data to the brain. The brain then works hard to make all of these things steady and consistent so that the body can function correctly. Homeostasis is the process of keeping a steady internal environment.

What kinds of things must remain consistent in the body? It’s critical that we maintain the same temperature, which should be approximately 37 degrees Celsius. More information may be found in the temperature regulation video. You must also maintain regular blood sugar levels, as well as ion and water levels.

Your blood pressure, as well as the quantity of waste in your blood, such as carbon dioxide and urea, must be constantly checked.

If one of these factors becomes abnormally high or low, what will the brain do to restore it to normal levels? The solution is negative feedback. Negative feedback is the mechanism by which the brain sends a signal to the area of the body that may correct the problem via either a hormone or the neurological system. For example, after eating a meal, your blood sugar level rises. When this happens, the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin, which causes the sugar to be stored in the liver.

After then, the blood sugar level will return to normal.

Negative feedback is the process through which the body reacts to a stimulus by reacting appropriately and then returns to normal levels.

So, what is the significance of homeostasis? Enzymes regulate our metabolism or all of the chemical events in our body that keep us alive. These enzymes only function under highly precise circumstances. If these conditions alter, they may cease to function and we may perish.

Fortunately, all of this happens without your knowledge. If you had to do it on your own, you’d have to work all day and night just trying to keep everything consistent, and we’d have no time to do pleasant things like watch cat videos on the Internet.

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